About me

Hey, fellow Swifties! ✨🎤

It’s me, your fellow Taylor Swift enthusiast. If you’re looking for someone who can recite lyrics off “Fearless” or “1989” at the drop of a hat, you’ve found your person. Apart from jamming to T-Swizzle’s hits, I’m kind of obsessed with 2048 games. But, imagine this: a world where Taylor’s magic meets the thrill of 2048. Sounds cool, right?

Well, since no one else had blended this perfect duo together, I thought, “Why not?” And tada! A game crafted with all the Swiftie feels in mind was born. If you’re up for some Taylor-themed 2048 fun, join me and immerse yourself in the magic.

And hey, I’d LOVE to hear what you think. Fangirl or fanboy with me at [email protected].

Remember, it’s a love story, just say yes and play! 🎶

Find your next Swiftie obsession here: https://taylorswift2048game.com/